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Bumbu Ayam Pedis    100 gr
Kokki Djawa

Bumbu Ayam Pedis

Articlecode: 5200KP

Kokki djawa AJAM PEDIS with chicken, tofu, tempeh or eggs
Hot dish for 4 people

1 bag of seasoning Kokki Djawa Pedis
A. 500 gr chicken
B. 500 g tofu or 500 gr tempeh or 8 hard boiled eggs
200 ml coconut milk

B. Cut the tofu or tempeh into cubes, add oil in a saucepan, fry the tofu until golden brown,
then remove from the oil and let drain

Fry the spice mix in about 2 tablespoons oil
A. Put the sliced chicken in a pan fry until brown.
B. Add the diced and fried tofu or tempeh or 8 hard-boiled eggs and fry
Add: 250 ml water
Leave to simmer until desired thickness  

Serve with white or yellow rice or noodles
TIP: You can combine this dish with other dishes like: sajoer lodeh

1.59 euro