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Cocina Aventura - Binissalem
All About Quality, Diversity & Freshness.
At Cocina Aventura we understand that a meal can never be better than the used ingredients.
Therefore we offer only the freshest and highest quality of products.
It's a difference you can see, smell and taste.

An ever increasing assortment
The world has come closer and the boundary
between exotic and essential kitchen cupboard  items
has become narrow.
Oyster sauce is now standing next to the ketchup.
Globalize your kitchen-cupboard!

From medicine to welfare
Cocina Aventura specializes in selecting teas and infusions,
with outstanding taste or character.
Our job is to buy the valuable products.
So no excess products, but only pure and sophisticated ones.
Even the true coffee lover is likely to change course.
Warning: May contain traces of nuts
As a nut, I am eager to defend my case.
I know there are plenty who will roast me or eat me raw.
I feel cracked when they say I'm bad. Nothing is further from the truth,
I shine like a star in many dishes, and than I can feel acknowledged,
because I'm full of good fats and oils.
Forget about you are what you eat. Nuts are essential!
Broad alternative
Looking for spelt-flour to bake an medieval bread? In urge of Royal jelly?
You want to be sure of pure nature?
Many ecological products are unique and often overlooked.
You are about to rediscover them.
For cooking enthusiasts a veritable treasure trove of hidden products.